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{Summer 2023}

Bizzit is b2b tech built for you and your career in growth, sales, as a founder, investor, to those in and around web3 — by uniquely curating biz opportunity and discovery to your current role and experience.  Since Bizzit’s founding in 2019 in San Francisco, California, we’ve been focused on helping the b2b salesperson, b2b marketer, and general b2b founder who may or may not have related sales experience.  In part we do this with salespeople and marketers sharing Bizzit sales intel on companies, teams and products.


What started as a simple premise of sharing that business insight and intel on other companies has evolved to giving anyone, not just sales or marketers, the relevant information automatically to them weekly to find new business with.


Bizzit's upcoming launch combines 3 years with thousands of  global professionals inputs and feedback in our beta along the way, to get to today. Live soon with Bizzit insight and intel on hundreds of thousands of global companies, and growing more business data weekly, monthly, to each year ahead.

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